The frog kick is an extremely efficient propulsion technique used in all types of diving and diving environments due to the many benefits it provides the diver.  

It's a graceful, yet powerful kick that requires minimal effort to push the diver through the water, reducing the diver's breathing rate. Wreck and cave divers use it because its motion prevents kicking up silt. The underwater environment appreciates it because its motion minimizes impact on the diving environment, preserving delicate reefs and habitats. Divers and underwater photographers who use the frog kick appreciate how it aids in good trim and buoyancy control and the precise positioning ability it provides them. 

Simply put, the frog kick isn't exclusive to technical or cave diving. It's a kick that benefits literally every diver- recreational, technical or overhead, in warm water or cold water.

Hence our namesake, Frog Kick Diving. The training we provide isn't simply a checklist of skills. Instead, we teach consistent, scaleable skills, techniques and knowledge our students can apply to all of their diving, in turn increasing their awareness, confidence and enjoyment of their dives. It provides a foundation that's consistent with any future endeavors they may pursue in their diving career, whether that be warm water reef diving, cold water recreational diving, or technical and/or cave diving.

Every FKD class you take will build on your prior class. No relearning of skills. Rather, you'll use your existing skills and training as your foundation, incorporating new skills to strengthen and build that foundation into a new level of diving. From 30' warm water reef dives, to 200' trimix DPV dives in 46 degree water, we teach consistent skills, built on the same foundation that are used in each.

The result is consistent muscle memory, increasing your efficiency and allowing you to maximize your time underwater enjoying the dive.