There's been some pretty amazing finds in previous Vanilla Sky Projects.  As the team's explorations continue, we wanted to document true exploration as it happened, providing the viewer with a sense of the exhaustive work, disappointment, frustration and exhilaration of exploration.  Vanilla Sky Project 2017 was very difficult, and emotions ran the entire spectrum.  I think we captured that in this series.

Challenges caused a sluggish start for this year's project, but persistence was key, and it paid off with some new beautiful caves explored, new line laid, and some amazing and incredibly important finds made by the team.

Huge thanks to GoPro for time, support and guidance on this project.

Beginning August 20th, follow the 2017 Vanilla Sky Project team, documenting their Mexico cave explorations "as it happens" in a new, 4 part series.

Following up the official GoPro series “Searching the Maya Underworld – Quest for the Earth’s Biggest Cave”, the team's explorations of Sistema el Puente continue.



Episode 1 drops August 20.  Episode 2 drops Aug 24, Episode 3 on August 27 and Episode 4 on August 31st.