We’re dedicated to delivering the highest level of training possible, and we have the track record to show it.  

​Our class prices are for instruction only.  

In our classes, you will have our complete focus and undivided attention.  We expect the same from our students, in order to provide the best learning experience.

Prices can be found on our Training & Courses Page.  We do offer discounts for 3 person teams and dive clubs.

Payment for a class does not guarantee certification, though our goal is to provide the student with the tools and knowledge to successfully complete and pass the class.

Prices are for the number of days and number of dives listed on our Training & Courses Page.  If extra days are required, additional charges may apply, at the instructor’s discretion.

50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot and dates.  Remaining balance is due on the morning of, or before, the first day of class.

Prices do not include agency academic materials (~$50 - $100) or certification cards ($25).

We’ll respect your time.  Please respect ours.

If class is cancelled by the student more than two weeks prior to scheduled start, deposit may be applied to a future class, but no refund will be given.

If class is cancelled by the student less than two weeks prior to scheduled start, deposit is forfeited.  50% of the deposit may be applied to a future class, but no refund will be given.

If class is cancelled by the student less than one week prior to scheduled start, deposit is forfeited, and no portion will be applied to a future class.

If student is running more than 10 minutes late, a phone call to the instructor is required

Failure to show up (no show) for a class will result in forfeiture of all class charges and deposits paid. No portion will be applied to future classes.

Check out our Prepare for your FKD Class Page.  If a class must be rescheduled due to lack of preparation by the student, additional charges will apply.

Our classes are non-tobacco.  Tobacco users (smoking, chew) must refrain during class.  This includes surface intervals, briefings, debriefings, dry runs, video review and on-site, as this directly affects the safety of the staff and other students.

While a beer or a drink at the end of the class day at dinner may be acceptable, when an alcoholic drink is consumed, the dive day is finished.  Please do be cognizant of drinking/driving laws and regulations.

Any student who shows up for class under the influence of alcohol or drugs prior to class will be sent home immediately, and will forfeit entire course cost. No portion will be applied to future classes.

Refer to our Equipment Requirement Page.  It outlines all required equipment for each class.  If you have any questions regarding the gear requirements, contact your instructor at least one week in advance of your class.  Additionally, we have extra gear that we can outfit students with.  If you’d like to use a specific piece of gear, please make arrangements with your instructor at least a week in advance.

If class must be rescheduled due to inappropriate and/or unsafe equipment, additional charges will apply.  We’ll be using equipment in safe operating condition.  We expect the same from you.

ALL CYLINDERS MUST BE ANALYZED and labeled with analysis tape and MOD stickers (if applicable) prior to getting in the water.  Since many of our training dives are very shallow (30fsw or shallower), air is sometime acceptable.  Please keep in mind that air has an MOD as well, and requires analysis and analysis tape.

Our class prices are for instruction only, and do not guarantee certification.

We have an obligation to you, your teammates/classmates and our previous students that upon successfully completing your class, you have the knowledge, skills and competency to successfully execute dives at your new level of training.

Some of our classes are pass/fail/provisional.

At the beginning of each class, there will be a course overview discussion, including very detailed criteria for successful completion of the class and resulting certification.  In addition to the initial discussion at the beginning of class, we have objective and frank briefs and debriefs before and after every dive.  Additionally, we video every dive, and part of the debrief process is reviewing the videos together as a class.  

Our goal is to provide our students with all the instruction, knowledge, tools and skills to successfully complete the class.  Sometimes a student may need additional class dives and/or instruction in order to achieve the level of proficiency or competency to earn certification.  In such cases, additional charges will apply.

Provisional vs Fail
A provisional simply means the student needs additional time and dives to achieve the level of proficiency and competency to successfully complete the class.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a provisional.  

We rarely fail students – Failing a class requires an unsafe attitude, consumption of alcohol and/or drugs prior to class, bullying, sexual harassment, threatening staff or another student or similar actions.

We will provide a professional, safe, enjoyable and productive learning experience both in and out of the water.  

You can expect us to be on time, completely prepared for class, with no distractions during our time together.

You can expect honest, objective feedback on your in-class performance, including fortifying your strengths and improving weak areas.

We appreciate that you've chosen us for your dive training.  We don't take that lightly, and we'll ensure we provide you with the high standards and quality training that has earned us our reputation.


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