Monday, November 28th, “Searching the Maya Underworld – Quest for the Earth’s Biggest Cave” was released on GoPro’s YouTube Channel.

The story concept was Brian’s brainchild, telling the story of our friend Robbie Schmittner’s explorations and goal of connecting the 3 largest underwater cave systems together, along with his passion for protecting those beautiful caves..

The project started in November 2015, when we joined Robbie for five days, documenting his explorations.  That project resulted in the Exploring Xibalba video short.  Upon seeing the footage, GoPro’s Media Production Team quickly decided to make the project a full production.

In May 2016 we spent 14 grueling days hiking, filming, diving, more hiking and more diving in an effort to produce a series of three fantastic episodes illustrating the cave explorations of the Vanilla Sky Cave Exploration Project, along with Robbie’s goal.

We had the privilege of working as the underwater camera operators with an incredible team, including a five person production crew from GoPro’s Media Production Team, underwater archeologist and National Geographic Explorer Guillermo de Anda, Jim Coke and Bil Phillips of the Quintana Roo Speleological Society (QRSS), our good friend Thorsten “Toddy” Waelde from the Vanilla Sky Cave Exploration Project, and  of course, Robbie.  

This was a labor of love for all involved.  We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Future projects are in already in the works.  Stay tuned for more episodes from this ongoing project!

We'd like to thank BigBlue Dive Lights for the immense support they provided us for this project.

​We captured some stunning footage to share and hopefully send an important message to all divers, residents and local politicians – that these fragile caves which lay underneath the Yucatan Peninsula need to be explored and protected.  And if construction continues as it is, these wondrous caves will be gone forever, in a very short period of time.​​​

The trailer drops Monday, November 28th, followed by 3 full length episodes released each following day.  So relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy the episodes.  At the end of each episode is a link to the next episode, allowing you to binge watch the entire series on Monday, or you can watch each day, as they are officially released.  The following week, three more episodes of bonus material, including a Behind the Scenes, and interviews with the team, will be released.