This story follows the team through those 10 months in 2017, exploring the the new MOAC cave system and pushing it toward the connection, before suddenly screeching to halt, but never giving up until they achieved their goal of connecting the two systems, creating the longest underwater cave system in the world.

We're grateful to have been invited to participate in this project and serve as camera operators.  This is our attempt to tell the story of those ten months.  

Real exploration, as it happens. Shot 100% on the HERO4®, HERO5® and HERO6® cameras. Lighting by BigBlue dive lights.


For 10 months in 2017 a team of four cave explorers relentlessly searched for the connection between Sac Actun and Dos Ojos cave systems in the Mexican Yucatan, a connection that explorers have been searching for for 30 years, and Robbie Schmittner, the team leader, has been chasing for 14 years.

​​In March 2017, their discovery of a new cave system ideally situated between 3 of the 4 largest cave systems in the world brought the opportunity of the “Holy Grail of Connections” within reach.  The conditions, heat, remoteness and terrain above and below the surface made the exploration extremely difficult, day after day after day.  Nothing came easy, but rarely is exploration easy.