Summer 2008 her diving career took yet another exciting turn with formal team diving training during her Trimix training with Andrew Georgitsis.  This training, new challenges and an increased range to explore gave her a renewed enthusiasm not only in her personal diving, but also in her instruction, as she began incorporating more team diving into the training she provided.

The year ended with an invitation from Andrew to the first Unified Team Diving IDC in San Diego in December, where she was one of the first 10 UTD Instructors, and the only female instructor invited and in attendance.  The rigorous and extensive 9, 14-hour day IDC consisted not only of training in teaching in the UTD methodology, but the 9 instructors, along with founder Andrew Georgitsis, also helped frame and create the initial UTD curriculum, standards and procedures and the UTD "playbook".​

For the 6 years from 2002 to 2008, Jeanna thoroughly enjoyed her time as a volunteer diver and mammal volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium.  In 2011 she returned to the Aquarium in a different role...that of a trainer, where she was privileged to be involved in training the
Seattle Aquarium staff, co-teaching Essentials, DPV 1 and Tech 1, teaching a Tech Upgrade and participating in the training of 2 new instructors.  This training has provided the Aquarium's staff the skills and knowledge to extend their operating range with the use of helitrox backgas, oxygen for accelerated decompression using Ratio Deco, and DPVs and team diving protocols for increased efficiency on mission specific dives.

With years of experience, hundreds of dives & explorations and extensive training to draw from, she's able to provide realistic training that the students will be able to directly apply to their own diving immediately.  This allows her to develop divers, based on their own needs, strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Anyone who's met Jeanna, even briefly, knows her love and affinity for marine animals.  Above all the other wonderful experiences she's privileged to have underwater, the critters are what keep her coming back, dive after dive.

She enjoys underwater photography and videography.  Much of what she experiences underwater is beyond words, and her images and video allows her to share her wonderful experiences with others.



Apeks DS4/TX50 (backgas), DST/XTX50 (deco), DST/ATX50 (stage) & hog D1 Cold (stage/deco)


DUI FLX Extreme, Expedition / Fourth Element (coldwater) & Diving Concepts Z-Tech (cave) drysuits/undergarments


Fred Tagge & HOG plates, Dive-Rite, Oxycheq and Halcyon wings


UTD, Light Monkey & Salvo primary heads & DRIS, Light Monkey and Gulftex Scuba backups


Liquivision, Uwatec & Suunto


Dive-Xtras CUDA 400 and Sierra X-Scooters


Sony NEX5 & NEX5N cameras, Nauticam housing, Inon Z240 & Sea & Sea strobes, UTD Vision Video Lights


Jeanna was certified in 1989 for a trip to Maui.  After seeing her first octopus, which ended up wrapped around her regulator, she knew she'd be searching for octopods for years to come.

Diving opportunities were few and far between living in Eastern Washington.  After moving to Seattle, and introducing Brian to SCUBA diving, her diving really picked up momentum.  In 2000, she was actively diving in Puget Sound, logging in excess of 100 dives a year.

​In 2001, she began working with classes as a Divemaster, gaining valuable experience working with several awesome instructors (thanks Chris, Larry and Geoff!) over the next 3 years.  From 2001 to 2004, she worked every class she could, not only to gain more experience, but because she had also discovered how much she loved the enthusiasm of newer divers and the impact she could make on their diving from the very beginning.

Fall of 2004, she entered her NAUI IDC.  Having gained experience working as a Divemaster for 3 years, under several different instructors, she felt she had gained the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to provide a high level of dive training on her own. She completed her NAUI IDC in January 2005 and finally got to experience the thrill of taking a new diver underwater for the first time, not as a divemaster, but as an instructor.  The contagious enthusiasm of new divers, and the passion for developing safe and competent divers, was the fuel for what would become a very active teaching career.

​2006 brought some new interests and welcomed challenges to her personal diving as she was introduced to the Hogarthian gear configuration & team diving and also started her technical diving training.  She quickly took an interest in technical diving, as it opened up new dive sites to explore.

2008 was a busy and exciting year!  It started with cave diving training in January.  Cave diving brought new skills, new knowledge and amazing experiences in a world words simply can't describe. She was instantly hooked, and has returned to the Yucatan Peninsula at least once a year since, to continue exploring and experiencing the beautiful flooded caves in Mexico.

​In February 2008, Jeanna got her first Diver Propulsion Vehicle ("DPV", or scooter) - a Dive-Xtras  -  Sierra X-Scooter.  The scooter opened up many new diving opportunities, providing access to dives not accessible by fins alone. Combined with her technical diving experience, she started diving the wrecks in Lake Washington frequently, when she wasn't teaching.

UTD Technical Instructor #012

NAUI Instructor #42630

UTD Cave 2

>1800 dives

>200 dives requiring staged decompression

>200 DPV (Scooter) dives

>200 cave dives