Since repetition is a great learning tool, we'll then spend some time creating gas plans for different conditions and scenarios, starting simple and building progressively more challenging plans and profiles.

If you haven't had any prior exposure to gas planning and management, no problem.  We'll start with the very basics and work from there.  Those who are bit rusty and need a refresher, this is a great method for getting up to date.

​This is open to anyone, regardless of skill level.

Producing safe and thinking divers has always been our passion and it's important to us that this information is available to anyone wanting it, needing it, or who is interested in it.

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Creating a gas plan is only part of the equation, however. 

Since actual dive conditions rarely allow the dive to go exactly as planned, after creating some gas plans we'll then focus on managing the gas plan underwater, focusing on factors that may affect the plan underwater, and how to alter the plan to adjust to those real life conditions.

Discussion topics include:



Proper gas planning is essential to safe diving, and it also adds to the enjoyment of the dive. After all, if you know you have enough gas to execute the dive, and manage any contingencies that may arise during the dive, you'll enjoy the dive more.

Though intimidating to some, proper gas planning is not complicated.  In this very informal, free workshop, we start with the very basics of building a gas plan, focusing on factors that must be considered when making a gas plan, and how these factors affect the plan.