Note the swivel/LP side of the 1st stage is on the same side as the valve handwheel.  When worn, and not in use, the regulator/LP hose (yellow) is routed along the left side of the stage kit.

The length of the LP/regulator hose is determined by the type of 1st stage being used.  Generally speaking, a swivel turret 1st stage will use a 36" LP/regulator hose and a non-swivel 1st stage requires a 40" LP/regulator hose.

​*It should be noted that while a yellow LP hose is being used in the illustrations, hose color and/or 2nd stage faceplate color is NOT important in the Hogarthian configuration, since we don't confirm our gas by color of the hose or 2nd stage.  Therefore, any color hose or 2nd stage is acceptable.

A Note About Hose Lengths

Since, by design and it's name states, the swivel 1st stage can swivel, allowing the diver to swivel the turret so the hose is routed correctly when in use, 36" is all that is needed.  More importantly, should the diver need to donate his regulator while breathing off the stage or deco reg, the 1st stage can swivel to orient the hose so it's more optimally oriented to the receiver.

Conversely, on a non-swivel 1st stage, all LP ports are in a fixed position.  Since the diver cannot change the position of the LP port, the hose must be long enough to not only route correctly while in use by the diver, but must also be long enough to donate.  Thus, a 40" LP hose is used on non-swivel 1st stages.

Step 3 - HP Hose / SPG

Install the spg by screwing the 6" HP hose into the HP port on the "bottom" of the 1st stage.

​The spg is on a 6" HP instead of a standard 24" HP for several reasons.   First, if the spg was on a 24" hose, it'd need to be clipped off or stowed.  If clipped off, there'd be 2 spg's clipped to the diver's left hip D-ring.  This is not preferred, as the diver would have to determine which spg he needed to check when checking his gas, in addition to adding another item to an already "busy" D-ring, and checking the wrong SPG could be disastrous.  

It also makes bottle passing more difficult, adding another step to the process in a situation where the diver is likely under some degree of stress.

​If the 24" HP hose were stowed similar to the 2nd stage hose, it'd be at risk of coming out when deploying the 2nd stage, causing an unnecessary dangling hose that can become tangled in other hoses, impede regulator donation, or become entangled in line or the environment.  

​The SPG is also a very important component of the critical gas switching verification process, a time when the diver's left hand is not available to access an SPG that is clipped off.

​The 6" HP hose places the spg up near the 1st stage, making it a much cleaner rig, also making it much easier for the diver to monitor his gas (handsfree), especially when scootering with multiple bottles.

Need to rig your deco/stage bottle?  See our Stage/Deco Bottle Rigging Page.

Don't forget to
mark your bottle! 


Your deco/stage reg is now ready for use.

In the picture below, note the LP/regulator hose routes along the left side of the stage kit.

​Also note the SPG positioned at the 1st stage.  This allows the diver to constantly monitor the bottle's pressure handsfree, with no SPG to unclip.

Step 5 - SPG Orientation

Now bend the 6" HP hose so the SPG is oriented up near the 1st stage.  Slide the bungee loop over the HP hose, and to the base of the hose fittings where they meet the 1st stage and SPG. 

This will hold the SPG at the 1st stage, where it's easily seen by the dive, hands free.

In the picture above, the SPG and HP hose are installed on the 1st stage.  However, the spg is hanging down, and when slung, can't be seen handsfree and will be difficult to access.  We want the SPG to be up near the 1st stage.

Step 4 - Bungee

​BungeeTo accomplish this, make a loop of bungee, approximately 1" in diameter.  Burn the ends, and you may want to put a couple of drops of SuperGlue on the knot as well. 

Step 2 - Low Pressure Regulator Hose

Install the LP hose by screwing the hose into one the LP ports on the 1st stage.  On a swivel turret 1st stage (pictured) , the LP port you use on on the 1st stage isn't important, as the 1st stage can swivel to a position to correctly stow and route the regulator hose.

In fixed, non-swivel 1st stages, the LP port you use is more critical.  You'll want to use the LP port that is most similary positioned like the picture below (in other words, facing down and slightly forward, when the tank is standing). 

Hardware & Supplies

1st stage regulator
2nd stage regulator
1.5" or 2" spg - Brass & plastic or brass & glass
6" HP hose
36" or 40" LP hose (length of hose is determined by type of 1st stage (addressed below))
​24" of shock cord/bungee


In the Hogarthian/UTD configuration, the stage and deco bottles are worn on the left side.  For the reasoning why they're worn on the left side, see our Blog - Reasoning for Deco/Stage Bottles on Left

​This page illustrates how to configure your stage or deco reg in the Hogarthian configuration.

This is designed to provide insight into the Hogarthian deco/stage regulator configuration and the logic behind the configuration.  It's not intended to replace instruction nor teach the diver how to dive using a stage or deco bottle.

Additionally, hoses are colored for illustration only.  We don't color code hoses or regulators.  To read why, check out our blog post Why We Don't Color Code.

Step 1 - 1st Stage Orientation

Start by orienting your 1st stage on your bottle.  You want to ensure that a HP port is facing "down" when the bottle is standing up. Typically, the LP ports are oriented on the handwheel side, as that is the side of the bottle rigging that the LP hose will be routed.