Creator & Primary Underwater Video      |    GoPro's Searching the Maya Underworld

Exploration Diver / Underwater Video     |     Olympic National Marine Sanctuary Project

                     Interview / Commentary     |     Wildlife Detectives: Mystery Sharks of Seattle

Exploration Diver / Underwater Video     |     Vancouver Island Exploration Project 2017

Exploration Diver / Underwater Video     |     Shipwreck of the General

Exploration Diver / Underwater Video     |     Mine Exploration Project

Exploration Diver / Underwater Video     |     Shipwreck Exploration Project

                              Underwater Video     |     Vanilla Sky Cave Exploration Project 2017

                               Exploration Diver      |    Wreck of the Louie

Brian coaches his students to become safer, more competent and confident divers and explorers.  His dedication to his students is his first and foremost priority.  His teaching style is more of a mentoring - he teaches as if he's building his own team, which is often the end result, as many of his students join him in his explorations and projects.  When teaching, he draws from his own extensive experience and explorations, providing the students with realistic training, helping them to develop skills they'll use in their own dives and explorations.

​​He's trained the Seattle Aquarium's dive staff, and has helped to integrate team diving techniques & procedures into their dive operations and program.  The training has included Essentials, DPV 1 and Tech 1.  By incorporating their new training into their field operations, the Aquarium's staff/field divers can now extend their operating range to deeper depths, with the added safety of helium-based bottom breathing gas and oxygen for accelerated decompression, while increasing their efficiency by including DPVs and team diving protocols.  He's also trained Renton Fire Department's Water Rescue Team 


UTD Trimix Instructor / Technical Instructor Trainer #014

Member, UTD Training Advisory Board

NAUI Technical Instructor #42629

UTD Cave 2

>1900 dives

>200 dives requiring stage decompression

>300 DPV (Scooter) dives

>200 cave dives



Running/fitness/health, videography & video editing and music.  From childhood, music has played an important role in his life.



Backmount - Apeks DS4/TX50 

Sidemount / Cave - Apeks DST/ATX50 

Deco/Stage - Apeks DST/XTX50, DST/ATX50 & DST/XTX40


Rofos/UTD RS350 / XM450

DUI FLX Extreme Expedition / MK2 (Cave)


Backmount - Fred Tagge & HOG plates, Agir-Brokk, Dive-Rite, Golem, HOG & Halcyon wings

​Sidemount (cave exploration) - Custom using UTD Z-Harness & Z-Tec Pro Wing, Agir & Sump UK hardware and DGX Butt Plate


UTD, Light Monkey & Salvo primary heads & DRIS, Light Monkey and Gulftex Scuba backups


Liquivision, DiveSoft and Suunto 


Dive-Xtras CUDA 400 and Sierra X-Scooters


GoPro Hero6, Hero5 & Hero4 cameras, Golem Housings, BigBlue VL5800P & VL15000 Pro & UTD 350W HMI and Vision 50W video lights

Brian was born and raised in California, but it wasn’t until he was living in Seattle, and took a vacation in Cozumel in January 2000 that he learned to dive.  He was immediately hooked, and after returning to Seattle he immediately started diving, often.

He's been a dive instructor since 2004, and a technical/trimix instructor since 2008.  He's a UTD Technical Instructor Trainer, member of the UTD Training Advisory Board and is 1 of 3 North American UTD Trimix Instructors.  



A true explorer at heart, Brian has been an exploration diver and camera operator on several projects.  He has a true passion for documenting exploration, as it happens.  He’s won several GoPro Awards and his footage has been used in GoPro commercials and promotional / launch videos and he is currently sponsored by GoPro's Media Team.

He created and developed the concept for GoPro’s “Searching the Maya Underworld – Quest for the Earth’s Biggest Cave” and worked as the primary underwater camera operator on the 14 day project, one of GoPro’s most successful “long” projects.

He appeared in, and was interviewed in KCTS’s 2016 Edward R. Murrow Award winning documentary “Wildlife Detectives: Mystery Sharks of Seattle”.

2000                       PADI Open Water - Cozumel, Mexico
2002 & 2003           Worked as Divemaster
2004                       Completed NAUI IDC
2005                       Started actively teaching
2006                       5thD-X Essentials and Technical training
01/2008                  Cave diving training
08/2008                  Trimix training w/ Andrew Georgitsis
12/2008                  First ever UTD Crossover/IDC

2010                       Trimix Instructor Training


Brian frequently cave dives in the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, his favorite place.  He's made multiple trips to dive in the Egyptian Red Sea, as well as the WWII wrecks off the coast of North Carolina, including the U-352 and Papoose, and the shipwrecks off Pompano Beach, Florida.

He's logged over 100 dives on Maui and Kauai and has dived in Cozumel and Banderas Bay, Mexico.  Closer to home, he's dived in southern California, Oregon, and all along Vancouver Island and the coast of British Columbia.